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I was born in Valleyfield, Quebec, have spent most of my adult life in the Upper Laurentians, surrounded by the beautiful mountains and lakes of the region.

It is an ideal environment for an artist to pursue any creation.

Having taken art courses with the University of Hull as well as being a member of Les Beaux Regards, a black-and-white photo group, gave me many chances to expose my works in the Laurentians.

I have presented and sold works of art, upon requests from various institutions in the greater Laurentian area.

I paint like a writer writes. That is, long periods of quiet reflexion, before the paint actually reaches the canvas. But then, the gestures are non stoppable.

Silence has a way of stirring my creative energy and this energy has always been a recurring theme in my work.

It is the going within or trying to emerge out of the canvas, trying to find another universe to explore.

Exploration of emotions and themes of delight, wonder, contrasts, strength, happiness or darkness, are very inviting.

I use acrylic paint but will often add objects, textures, to enhance the work.

Such a way of doing often takes me to places I never ever imagined. A painting finished is like a story told and the conclusion is not always what I first thought of at the very beginning.

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