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Paintings For Sale

Worldwide shipping included in all prices.
For purchase inquiries, please write to me at:


36" X 48"  (92cm X 122cm) Acrylic paint on canvas  

A child caught in a difficult dream tries to lift above the turmoil while still looking below 

Price: $2,100  usd


40" X 48"  (102cm X 122cm)

Acrylic paint, cement textures on canvas

Vibrant red evolution contained by walls of blue sea colors.

On the bottom right-hand side, texture of a forgotten marine life form  and in the center of this painting,  a tiny speck floats upwards, surveying.

Are we not, also, tiny specks of human existence in this immense universe surveying life?

Price: $3,600 usd


36" X 48"  (92cm X 122cm)

Acrylic on canvas


Bird spirit in flight inspecting the wonderful mountains and cold dark waters below. Large yellow splashes on this winged creature makes us wonder if it is carrying the sunrays of the universe.

Searching or simply observing...

To see the unexpected in nature is always a possibility in our Canadian environment.

Price: $4,200 usd


24" X 40" (61cm X 102cm)

Acrylic on canvas.


Waiting for the grand moment, not really knowing what to expect. What will change? Darker colors at the bottom of the painting evoke doom or light at top inspires a feeling of hope. This woman is just waiting, waiting.

Price: $1,700 usd


40" X 48"  (102cm X 122cm)

Acrylic paint, cement textures on canvas.


Why a red eagle?

The red  represents the rage I felt after seeing a dead eagle that had been struck down when this magnificent bird touched a telephone wire. Such a majestic bird in flight and its life ended by a simple wire was for me a devastating experience. The eagle in the painting is plunging downwards but has no knowledge of its vulnerability. We,as humans,realize that life can be terminated in a split second. 

Price: $3,600 usd


24” X 24”  (61cm X 61cm)

Acrylic paint on canvas.

Blue, green, yellow and red colors circulating a calm energy. A tiny figure, barely visible, within the circle of light is seen as if going further.

Is there something to discover ?

There is no feeling of danger in this painting but maybe a question or two.

Does it exist? Is it just pure imagination?

A peaceful pause in time...

Price: $1,200 usd


30” X 30”  (76cm X 76cm)

Acrylic paint on canvas.

On the right we see the silhouette of a woman, standing, observing the light.

Is she on the verge of going within?

What lurks beyond?

The rays of light are so powerful, they somehow spread over her whole being.

Price: $1,200 usd


40” X 48”  (102cm X 122cm)

Acrylic paint on canvas

Black, brown, dark colors towards the bottom of the painting express the turbulence  in our world and yet there is a creature rising above this. Where does he come from? Is there a better world?

Price: $4,200 usd

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