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Private collections


36" X 48"  (92cm X 122cm)

Acrylic paint on canvas

In the dark mysterious world, there is always someone to show us the way.

A luminous creature on the center stage is hesitating. Which way will it proceed?

Will someone follow the light?


38" X 48"  (96cm X 122cm) Acrylic on canvas.


A painting  that expresses the explosion of water, wood and the upheaval of nature. When men hauled wood over rivers and were forced to use dynamite in order to ease the passage of wood from one  water source to  another, nature cried out.


36" X 48"  (92cm X 122cm) Acrylic on canvas.


A whimsical creature floats lightly on the canvas as if dancing in the heavens.

At a time when there's so much about dancing with the stars, this painting is simply a glance in another direction.


24" X 40"  (61cm X 102cm)

Acrylic on canvas

This painting expresses my questions of mind over matter.

The mind, meaning the brain and matter, being our stomach (gut feeling).

How do we capture our emotions? Do our feelings stem from our brain thoughts and affect our gut sensations or, are the feelings in the pit of stomach, sending the first message to our brain?

Which one prevails? Are they equal?

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